Choosing the perfect lingerie for your partner

There is always a reason to buy the perfect lingerie for your partner. Her birthday, a celebration, your anniversary or just because she is awesome. Giving your partner lingerie is also a great way to keep that sexy spark in your relationship.


But selecting the perfect lingerie for your partner can be daunting. What does she like? What does she feel comfortable in? And what is her size?


We will share our tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect lingerie for your partner.


What is her personality?


Her personality says a lot about her lingerie style. Is she spontaneous, playful, sexy or maybe a bit insecure? ( believe us, every woman has her insecurities )


Try to imagine how she would feel in a certain set of lingerie, and forget about what you think is most sexy. When she feels good in it, she will reflect that to you.


What is her size?


Lemons, Pears, Rockmelons, Watermelons? Breast are unique and so is every woman. Choosing the right size for her lingerie is not only one of the most important things, but can also be the most daunting when buying that perfect gift for your partner.


The best way to find out her bra size is to sneak around in her bra drawer when she is away. Make a picture of the label of at least 2 bra's and undies and make sure you will put it back exactly how it was positioned in the drawer. The average woman will discover immediately when someone sneaked around through her stuff, so plan your mission precisely ;) 


If she has a favorite bra, make sure you get the label from that one, as it's not without a reason that she is wearing this particular one more often. 


What design suits her best?


We hear you thinking 'Wait... Design? We are still talking about lingerie right?' Yes, we are! And lingerie is definitely a part of fashion design. And did we ever say it was easy to find the perfect lingerie for your partner? Bear with us and you will get rewarded in the end!


When you figured out her size, you need to decide what style suits your lady. Does she like Silk or Lace? Or maybe she is more comfortable in Cotton? And what kind of undies does she like to wear? A Hipster, String, Brief, Thong, Boxer or maybe Nothing? 


You can check these things out too when you are inspecting her underwear drawer. If you are not sure, make a picture of the bra and slip she likes most and ask another lady for help.


And then there is one last thing design wise... What model does she wear?  There are many different bra types around, from sexy to not so sexy. We just leave the 'normal'  T-shirt, Sports, Strapless, Padded, Bandeau, and all the other 'general' bra's for now,  as we assume you are on the lookout for something special.


There are a few options you could go for if you would like to buy some special lingerie for your partner. A Push-Up bra will do exactly as it says; Push her breasts up and make them look fuller. A Balconette covers half or three-quarters of her breasts and nipples, which creates a nice and rounded cleavage. And then there is the Plunge Bra, which is designed to show off a sexy cleavage with cups that cut away on the sides. Or maybe she likes sassy and sexy with not much fabric at all? 


Here at Saucy Ladies Intimates, you will find it all!


The colour? We'll leave that up to you.

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